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Programmatore .NET
Da ivandl84 » Mer 16 Jul, 2014 13:02

Opportunità Engineering Neolaureati e laureandi Informatici
Da graineriengineering » Ven 20 Jun, 2014 15:29

Da ALESSANDRA CIMINI » Lun 26 Maggio, 2014 01:01

Ph.D. Position at Missouri University of Science and Tech
Da ssilvestri » Mer 14 Maggio, 2014 22:25

Da Guglielmo » Sab 05 Apr, 2014 16:23




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Commissione Di Laurea Settembre 2013
Commissione Di Laurea Settembre 2013
Mar 08 Oct, 2013 11:41

Laureandi Sessione Settembre 2013
Laureandi Sessione Settembre 2013
Mar 08 Oct, 2013 11:45

Lezione Montecitorio
Lezione Montecitorio
Sab 25 Oct, 2008 02:06

Seminari Sm@rt
Seminari Sm@rt Inviato il  Mar 01 Dec, 2009 19:56 Da derek
Date: December 3, 2009, 10:30am
Duration: 45 minutes each
Venue: Dipartimento di Informatica, Via Salaria 113, Third Floor, Seminari Lecture Room

Speaker: Julinda Stefa
Title: Outer Space, Selfishness, and Innovative Services in Networks of Mobile Individuals.

The recent achievements of technology in yielding affordable small, powerful, multitasking devices, such as last generation lap tops, cellphones, PDAs, etc., not only has made our life easier but also has raised the need for new innovative and user-oriented applications. Now we dream about ``Internet available every time and everywhere'', even when we
can not reach a wireless network provider's signal, maybe through ad-hoc connection to someone else's device that acts as a packet router to the access point in his proximity.

In this context we attack and solve some the problematics like congestion, selfishness, human-movement modeling, and large-scale interest information dissemination.
In the same time, we raise new problems and give insights towards better understanding of human mobility and the network that it defines--the social mobile wireless network--as it seems to be a very promising area
where new innovative services towards the future can be designed.

Speaker: Blerina Sinaimeri
Title: Structures of Diversity

We consider, within a unified framework, several problems inspired by generalizations of the concept of graph capacity, introduced by Shannon in 1956 in the context of error–free communication over a noisy channel.
Along the lines of the various generalizations of capacity we introduce and study diversity relations between combinatorial structures like strings over a discrete (finite or infinite) alphabet or strings of vertices of graphs (or hypergraphs). We consider a binary relation over a set of combinatorial objects a diversity relation if it is irreflexive (meaning that no object is in this relation with itself) and local, i.e.
for two objects having projections (induced substructures) in this relation, the objects themselves are in this relation. Moreover, we consider and analyze forbiddance relations, which arise when a diversity relation should not hold between the pairs of objects. In case of both types of these relations we study the largest cardinality of sets of strings whose any pair (k–tuple) of elements is in the same relation.


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Da james30 Ieri alle 08:44

[Offerta Lavoro] Ricerca Candidati Carriera IT
Da loky Lun 15 Sep, 2014 11:33

Plugin Joomla
Da watson30 Sab 13 Sep, 2014 14:40

Comodità/Scomodità Di Informatica Alla Sapienza
Da camila Mar 09 Sep, 2014 07:37

[Offerta Di Lavoro] Mantenimento Applicativo Di Prenotazione Voli
Da farrant Mer 13 Aug, 2014 12:30

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